Katy Becoming an Foodie’s Dream!

With the population and home growth that the Katy Area, especially the South Katy Area (77494 and 77450), have seen recently, there is no big surprise that many big businesses and chain restaurants are breaking ground on new stores and eateries.  Just recently, Trader Joes announced it is opening a store in the La Centerra Shopping Center. And now comes the news that Dish Society is leading the pack of new, fresh food dining options joining the Katy area.

Dish Society is a farm to table concept restaurant that offers a less processed, causal, but fast dining option.  They are currently only located in the Galleria area, but have decided to branch out to suburban areas, such as Katy.  Read more about it  here..

With more and more business moving or adding headquarters in the Energy Corridor and westward, it is no wonder the demographic of the Katy area has changed to a hipper, younger vibe.  We are so excited to see more local stores opening in the Cinco Ranch area!

See you at lunch!



QOTD: What local store or restaurant would you like to see come to Katy?



Robyn Jones Homes does California Property Management!

We have been flooded with requests about our Property Management services, especially for our LA Office.  So many people move to LA for a short period of time, or move up from their first property.  Investment homes in LA are on the rise and we are happy to provide our clients in California the same, high level of customer service and property management service that we do out Texas clients!  Teri Lewis just helped her Landlord lease out a home in Venice!

HouseRental.03sm HouseRental.15SM HouseRental.22sm HouseRental.26sm HouseRental.27sm

These homes always tend to be a bit more maintenace and we are happy to take that stress away from our Landlords!  Let us handle the repairs, lets us handle the move ins and move outs – it is what we do!  Do you have a property that weighs on you?  Is your investement not as profitable as it could be?  We can help fine tune and stream line the management side to maximize your profit and minimize efforts!

We work for you!



QOTD: What is the biggest hurdle in your investment property?

Did You Know We Have Offices in California?

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Final Section of Cinco Ranch Opens

From one of the largest, raw land purchases in 1984 to one of the highest ranked communities in 2014, Cinco Ranch has endured a storied history or success after success in subdivision and community development. And today it opens its final section of housing development up for sale. The Village of Westridge Creek will be the site of future homes priced in the low $300,000′s to mid $400,000′s and will feature distinguished builders such as Toll Brothers, Ryland Homes, Village Homes, and Perry Homes. David Weekley Homes Custom Classics and Partners In Building will be offering new homes from the $600,000s to the $800,000s situated on larger, 80 foot wide sites.

The master planned community will also be adding a 4 acre recreational facility as well as extra schools to service the growing population. Katy ISD has also proposed a bond package to accommodate the exponential growth in students over the last five years.

Cinco Ranch has been named as the top-selling community in Texas last year by RCLCO, and continues its strong tradition as one of the state’s and the country’s top spot for families.

Read more the final Cinco ranch subdivision here.

In the month of August alone, there were 87 single family homes sold at an average price of $395,000 in the 77494 are of Cinco Ranch.



And with the boom in housing comes the boom in shopping and restaurants. Cinco Ranch has seen many new, major retailers enter the area, including Whole Foods, Costco, Sprouts, as well as the highly anticipated Trader Joes in La Centerra.

Now is the time to sell and move up!




Question of the Day: Which new retailers would you like to see come to Katy?

Holy Golf Balls Batman! Woodlands Golf Course sells in part of $265 million deal!

It’s official! The Woodlands Golf Course, and its 7 individual courses, have been sold to Dallas based ClubCorp. ClubCorp says this deal will result in millions of dollars in upgrades on the courses themselves. What does this mean for your house values? Well, if you are lucky enough to live in one of these golf course communities, you know that improvements to the course can result in a resurgence of interest in the housing market in the area. If you have been on the fence about selling, the “facelift” these course are about to endure will also boost your homes value without you having to left a finger (well, maybe a club). Robyn Jones Homes is a premier, golf course community Realtor, and have been quoted by Golf Real Estate, as well as worked with the Arnold Palmer Golf and Century Partners on the sale of land in their upscale, golf communities located in Humble and Katy.





Please contact us if you would like a free Comparative Market Analysis run for your home. We are happy to show you the value in your home!

Tees away!


*Read more about the ClubCorp purchase here.




What impact do schools have on your home purchase?

Have you ever noticed where all those darling “first day of school” photos take place?

First Day of School - circa 1987

First Day of School – circa 1987

That’s right – at home. In the front yard, by the fireplace, or in front of mom’s roses.

To the first time home buyer, the importance of surrounding schools may not seem like deal breaker. But, a good Real Estate Agent will inform any buyer of how the location, accreditation, and level of surrounding schools will impact their decision.


Do you have children? If not, you may not be thinking “How well ranked is this school district?”. But, as time passes, you may find yourself taking the big step into parenthood. How close is the elementary school? Can we walk there? Do we need to cross any major intersections? These are all question not only you, but any future purchaser of your home will be asking.

If kids are not in the cards, or you have already “served your time”, location of schools is also key. What will the traffic be like? How many school zones to I have to crawl through to get to work? Anyone who does an afternoon pick up knows there are a LOT more children being picked up at school these days then we all can imagine. The lines can stretch down major roads, block intersections, and cause major traffic delays. And let’s not talk about the impact of a rainy day dismissal.


Again, not just for the potential family you may grow but for resale as well, school ratings and rankings are paramount. Most buyers will look in school districts with high ratings. You can always check the rankings of your surrounding schools by visiting our website http://www.robynjoneshomes.com/our-vendors/school-info. In recent years there has been a major movement to the Sugar Land and Katy areas of Houston, mainly due to the exemplary status of their school systems.

Accreditation is also important when considering your tax bill. School districts who have a better reputation are always striving to stay on top. This means constant increases in a probably high school tax bill.

Level of School

Whether it is an elementary, middle, or high school you live near is important as well. If you think parents picking up their children is rough, try 1000′s of newly legal drivers! Rushing out at dismissal. Chaos! I can remember driving on The Grand Parkway passing Cinco Ranch Blvd and gawking at the gridlock at 2:30 PM when BOTH middle and high school were being dismissed. I looked at my boyfriend and said “Who would live there?”. Ten years later, my husband and I live less than a mile away. As a first time home buyer, we didn’t even consider the traffic. As a resident, we curse it every day September through May.

Of course, it is important to also remember that, for the perfect house, all of these things can be dealt with. When a home is a home, you just know. But, after witnessing many of my friends move due to their need for a closer elementary or lose money on the sale of their home due to a poorly ranked school, it is always wise to consider not just the home, but the surroundings, and your future in it.

Happy first week back kids!

First Day of School Obligatory Pictures.

First Day of School Obligatory Pictures.


Question of the Day: Have you ever not chosen or chosen a house based on the surrounding schools?

Katy ISD trying to keep up with massive growth!

In an effort to support the large number of families rapidly migrating to the Katy area, Katy ISD is proposing a $750 million bond to build and renovate older schools all in an effort to proivde the students of the dristrict with a better over all education experience.  Katy is well known as a top ranked school district in the city, state, and national levels.  With new communitiessuch as Cross Creek Ranch, Firethorne, and Ventana Lakes building more homes, the already full schools are beginning to burst at the seams.  And, even if you live in these areas and do not have school aged children, the traffic back ups and pedestrian traffic causes many headaches.  If it was up to you, where would the new campuses be built and why?

For more information on this potential bond, please read here.

So long 2013! It was a banner year….

Ahhh, 2013.  You seem so close, yet so far away.  Is it almost April? Time has just flown by.  Could it be the new office in the HEB in Katy that has made time speed by?  Maybe the leap frogging of our Property Management business?  Or possibly the many, many referrals from very satisfied clients?  All of the above!  We are so excited for what 2014 is going to bring that we haven’t even stopped to celebrate what was an outstanding year for Robyn Jones Homes!

Robyn was named on of the Top Producing Agents by HAR in 2013!  With the many choices in Real Estate Agents you have, we are so pleased that so many of you have entrusted us with the purchase or sale of your homes.  Midnight deadlines, cold, winter showings – all worth it!  A home is so personal, so intimate, and again we are so thankful you have invited us on this journey with you!

For the third year in a row, Robyn Jones was awarded the Texas Monthly magazine Five Star Realtor award, given to only the top 2% of Realtors in the area.  This award is strenuously screened, and again, we have no one else to thank but you for the kudos.

At the end of 2013, Houston Agent magazine conducted a review and it was discovered the Robyn Jones’s profile and snap shot interview was the #3 most read biography of the year! We have to admit, we love reading about us too!

Admittedly, it has taken 3+ months to recap our most successful year to date.  But, in all honesty, we would rather be up at 11 PM drafting a contract or reviewing and inspection report for a client than writing about our accomplishments.  But, as there is a team of professionals working hard for you and earning these accolades, we needed to take the time and recognize the record breaking year that was 2013.

Watch out though, we have a feeling 2014 is going to leave 2013 in the dust!

More Companies Moving to the West Energy Corridor

Breaking News – Another two large corporate relocations are coming to the West side of Houston!  The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Atwood Oceanics and American Electric Technologies are both relocating their corporate headquarters to the Energy Corridor.  What does that mean for the Katy area?  More expansion?  Rising home sale prices? With the I-10 expansion, we are sure the traffic flow has already been planned.  Katy ISD is slated to build more schools communities are popping up further and further down I-10.  And, with addition of Texas Childrens’ Campus West and Methodist Hospital West, we are starting to see a shift….

Houston Housing Market in 2014

On the fence and wondering what the Housing Market in Houston will look like in 2014?  More of the upward growth?  Is there a slow in sight?  Houston Agent Magazine’s Predictions Issue: 2014 has the answers!  With Robyn’s expertise and experience, she was a wealth of knowledge for the article.  Read her thoughts on the upcoming year here.



Don’t you want the Agent a leading industry publication turns to for information on your side?  Investors to first time home buyers all need a Realtor who knows the market so well she can help you see the potential in a home!

With Robyn’s home sales this year, she set numerous new high price per square foot for the areas of sale.  All because she knows Houston and its surrounding areas, and knows what people will pay for a home, not what they have paid.  This forward thinking and innovation makes her the best at marketing and selling your home for top dollar!  Start 2014 out right with the right Realtor!